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For the last 31 years, Attorney Vincent Cappellini has assisted thousands of clients in obtaining justice and recovering millions of dollars in personal injury and medical malpractice cases.

Criminal Defense

Attorney Cappellini is a highly experienced criminal defense attorney who has achieved countless successes defending clients facing theft, assault, weapons, drug, and DWI charges in courts across Northeastern Pennsylvania.

With unparalleled dedication to his clients, he always provides the most aggressive and comprehensive defense.

Representing Pennsylvania Clients for over 30 Years.

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The penalties of a DUI are extreme and the impact a conviction has on your life is significant. When facing DUI charges, you need a qualified and experienced DUI defense lawyer like Attorney Cappellini for a successful outcome.

Attorney Cappellini's qualifications and extensive experience are invaluable in providing an aggressive defense for your DWI case.

Representing Pennsylvania Clients for over 30 Years.

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Family Law

Your divorce or family law matter can leave you exposed and vulnerable at a critical time. You need to know that your children will be safeguarded, your assets protected, and your future secured.

Attorney Cappellini provides the highest level of protection and the peace of mind you need with the sole purpose of securing your future. Your stability, security, and well-being are his first concern.

Representing Pennsylvania Clients for over 30 Years.

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Personal Injury

If you're a victim of a personal injury and have decided you want to file a lawsuit, the next thing you should to do is hire an experienced attorney. If you want to maximize your award or settlement, you need to have an experienced and successful personal injury attorney handle your case.

Attorney Cappellini is known to be a fearless advocate for his clients. He fights to make sure that you get the money and justice you deserve.

Representing Pennsylvania Clients for over 30 Years.

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Whether it be Criminal Defense, Family Law, or Personal Injury, we have the extensive knowledge and proficiency needed to serve your case.

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Confident in his previous successes and extensive experience, Attorney Capellini’s approach is unparalleled to his competitors and because of this, the Cappellini name has been recognized throughout Northeast Pennsylvania for over 40 years.

Have you been arrested for DUI or other criminal charges? Have Custody/Child Support issues plagued your life? Would you like to begin the divorce process but are unsure of where to start? Attorney Cappellini is here to assist. Call today for a free consultation at 570.288.1717.

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Vincent cappellini, esq.

In his 30 plus years of dedication to the legal system, Attorney Vincent J. Cappellini has devoted his time, effort, and knowledge to many of whom may feel as though they will be heavily criticized for their accused wrongdoings.

Proudly providing a non-judgmental, confidential, and supportive representation to anyone that enlists his services, Attorney Cappellini is as persuasive as he is aggressive while maintaining a level head. He will negotiate without settling to ensure that you get the best possible outcome, and treats every client from custody and child support to various levels of criminal, with the respect that they deserve.