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At Cappellini Law, our team of family law attorneys are well versed in handling your family matters and disputes in Kingston. We provide you the best legal advice for you and your family to get the most favorable outcome. Our team always provides smart, aggressive mediation and litigation with your interests always top of mind.

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Picking The Best Family Law Attorney in Kingston

Divorce is a very complicated and difficult time both emotionally and legally. More often than not, emotions can get in the way of making smart decisions. These important decisions with advice from the best family law attorney can have a long and positive outcome. It’s important to have a conversation with a Kingston family law lawyer as soon as you or your partner are considering a divorce.


Do I Have a Family Law Case in Kingston?

Family Law includes cases involving family matters and domestic disputes. This type of law is very different and often more complicated than civil and criminal law. It’s extremely important you have an experienced family law attorney with an in-depth understanding of your case details and how family law works in the court system. Having the best family law attorney near you on your side can make all the difference. Our attorneys work to prepare a strong case and get you the most promising possible outcome.


Divorce proceedings 

Cappellini Law deals with all types of divorce court proceedings. Our Kingston divorce lawyers have years of experience with different scenarios 

Complex divorce proceedings 

We also have advanced experience with more complicated cases such as dividing assets, businesses, property, retirement funds, and all other assets.

Child support 

Our team of family law lawyers can handle the establishment of child support orders, enforcement, and modification of such court orders.

Child custody 

If you have a child or children involved in your case we help parents understand their parental rights and establish paternity and assert visitation and custody rights.

Modifying and enforcing decrees

As divorce is an ongoing process; our attorneys help individuals update their divorce agreements as situations may change.


When should I call a top family law attorney?

If you are considering separating or divorcing your spouse you should contact the top family law attorneys at Cappellini Law immediately. We are ready and waiting to discuss your case and possible outcomes. Our firm has the best family law lawyers that can help you steer through tough issues that come between family members. The Kingston family law lawyers at Cappellini Law can also handle legal issues that involve your family members, including unions, disputes, split-ups, negotiations, lawsuits and more. Contact us today for your confidential consultation.


Kingston Family Law Lawyer

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