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Though accidents are bound to happen, the pain and suffering caused as a result of personal injury can be severe. In many cases, someone else is at fault and those with suffering are entitled to compensation. Contact Cappellini Law to talk to a Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyer for a thorough analysis of your case.

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Picking The Right Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyer

Unfortunately, over 3 million people are injured in accidents each year. Injuries can occur at home, in their cars, at work, or outdoors.

Most occurring personal injuries that happen are:

  • Bus Accidents
  • Car Accidents
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Product Liability
  • Social Security Disability
  • Truck Accidents
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Wrongful Death

Have you or a loved one experienced suffering as a direct result of a personal injury caused by someone else’s negligence? You may be eligible for damages under personal injury law. Personal injury cases are not something to manage on your own. Having a dedicated personal injury lawyer on your side makes the process easier and more effective. This way you can focus on what matters - getting your health back. Personal injury attorneys will begin by gathering evidence - this could be from a variety of sources: ambulance, hospital, physician, therapist, vocational and other records. This will help develop and strengthen your case. Contacting a skilled and experienced personal injury lawyer helps you determine the best course of action.

Knowing what you should look for when choosing a personal injury lawyer in Pennsylvania is difficult. Make sure you consider the following factors when looking for an attorney:

  • Reputation and Credentials
  • Honesty and Professionalism
  • Experience in Similar Cases
  • Successful Cases
  • Getting the Level of Attention and Communication You Want
  • Reviews
  • Your Comfort Level
  • Representation Based on Contingency

What is a personal injury case?

How Do I Know If I Have a Personal Injury Case

If you’re filing a personal injury claim in Pennsylvania, a number of state laws may come into play.

Personal injury law allows victims to file for compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. To succeed in court, the injured party must prove that the wrongdoer was negligent or at fault. Schedule a free consultation with Cappellini Law to understand how successful your case can be.

There are three basic requirements for a personal injury claim:
1. The responsible party was careless (negligent).
2. The negligence caused personal injury.
3. The injury resulted in harm (compensatory damages).

When should I call a Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer?

How To Know When You Need Representation

In Pennsylvania, this ranges from six months to two years depending on the type of injury to file for a personal injury claim. When the injury is not immediately discovered, additional time may be allowed to file.

If you don’t file within an appropriate time frame, the wrong-doer can have your claim permanently dismissed causing you to lose all chances at compensation for your injury. If you have experienced any injury caused by someone else it is important to seek an attorney’s professional help and have your case fought for most efficiently. A lawyer will also fight to get you the compensation you deserve. It’s important to discuss the specifics of your case with an experienced attorney as soon as possible to avoid inadvertently jeopardizing your rights. Request a free consultation with a Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer today.

Have you experienced an injury caused by no fault of your own? Contact our experienced personal injury attorneys at Cappellini Law.

What kind of settlement can I expect?

How To Know What My Personal Injury Case is Worth

Settlements for personal injury cases may include payments for two types of damage awards. This includes compensatory damages (actual damages including medical bills, physical disability, mental impairment, permanent disability, loss of wages, pain, and suffering, and the repair/replacement of property) and punitive damages which are punishment for a wrong-doer if they acted maliciously.

Awards are determined on a case-by-case basis. No two cases are the same.  If taken to trial the defendant is guilty, the jury decides the amount. However, if the judge overseeing the case feels that the determined amount is excessive, they have the final say. In many cases, personal injury lawsuits are settled out of court called a settlement.

It’s essential to choose an attorney with experience in personal injury law to help you obtain the full amount you’re legally entitled to. Schedule a consultation with attorneys at Cappellini Law to have your personal injury case evaluated for its worth.

How do I decide which personal injury lawyer is right for me?

How To Pick the Right Personal Injury Lawyer

Although many attorneys are qualified to handle personal injury cases, not all of them the right qualifications to effectively fight your case. In most cases, the defendant will be represented by their insurance company. An experienced personal injury attorney can help victims obtain the full amount of compensation they’re entitled to for losses related to the injury.

Most defendants want to avoid expensive trials, negative publicity, or the chance that a jury would award the plaintiff more money - many personal injury claims are settled outside of court. Regardless, your personal injury attorney should be well versed in both scenarios.

What questions will be answered when I meet with a lawyer for the first time?

What Will a Personal Injury Lawyer Tell Me

The lawyer should be able to assess the merits of your case, approximate its monetary value, and determine the best strategy to pursue it.  You should also look to discuss contingency fees. You should expect your lawyer to communicate with you directly and keep you updated on the progress of your case.

Although these topics may be hard to discuss, you should be prepared to talk about:

  • Your current state of health and injuries
  • Details of your doctor’s prognosis
  • How your injuries affect daily tasks
  • Your insurance coverage (both medical and auto)

What information should I bring to my first consultation?

What Does my Personal Injury Lawyer Need to Know

Preparing for your initial consulting is important. You should bring any information or paperwork you have pertaining to your injury. This may include hospital paperwork, police reports and more. You should also bring all insurance information, medications and medical reports. This will help your personal injury lawyer better assess your case.

When do I have to start paying lawyers’ fees?

How Much Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

With Cappellini Law, our clients will not pay fees until there has been compensation awarded. Our initial consultation is free, and there are no costs until we win your case.

We will cover case costs and expenses as they come up, and then deduct them from your share of the settlement or court award.

Costs and expenses in a personal injury case include:

  • medical records
  • police reports
  • expert witness fees
  • postage
  • filing fees
  • investigators and experts
  • depositions
  • transcripts, and
  • trial exhibits

Costs and expenses can add up quickly - especially if the settlement does not happen until close to trial. The lawyer’s final percentage with all fees, costs, and expenses may end up totaling between 45 and 60% of the settlement.

Interested in knowing what your case is worth? Have your case evaluated by our personal injury attorneys at Cappellini Law.

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