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Driving under the influence (DUI) in Pennsylvania is one of the more serious charges you can receive. You are not only putting your life in danger but the lives of others at high risk of injury or even death. Based upon the details of your incident, such as your blood-alcohol concentration (BAC), criminal record, or whether anyone was severely injured or killed as a result of your DUI, you could be facing a very long jail sentence and/or exceptionally large fines. A Wilkes Barre DUI lawyer can help reduce these charges or jail time.

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Looking for DUI Lawyers in Wilkes Barre?

You or a loved one has just been charged with a DUI in Pennsylvania and need a DUI lawyer in Wilkes Barre PA quickly. It is important to have a team that will respond quickly, be on your side, give you transparent advice, and fight for you! Being charged with a DUI in Pennsylvania may seem somewhat common to some, but that does not make it any less serious. DUI charges are handled in criminal court. You have the right to represent yourself, but more often than not defendants decide to hire a private attorney to represent them. With a top DUI lawyer representing your case, the outcome is usually better or less severe. The lawyers at Cappellini Law have years of experience with DUI cases and will fight to reduce the severity of your punishment. If you cannot afford a private lawyer you should have the option to be represented by a public defender.

Why Do I need the Best DUI Lawyer in Wilkes Barre?

Depending on the severity of your DUI charges or if other substances were involved, you could be looking at high fines, probations, or years of jail time. It is important to have the best DUI lawyer in Wilkes Barre PA representing you. The DUI attorneys at Cappellini Law have the expertise to get the best results in your case.

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Wilkes Barre DUI Lawyer

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